Monday, 30 June 2014

Best Way to Wear Capri Pants

Before suggesting the better ways to wear capri first question should be: What area Capri pants?
They are pants that stop short at mid-calf. They are terribly fashionable and might be paired in many ways.
Since they're versatile, ladies of any height can wear that comfortably.

First of all what you would like to try to is to assess your body form and to stay aloof from pants that are on top of the calf or one that's too tapered at the legs. The best bet would be type fitting and slightly flaring at the lowest to stress your body form. It is wise select pants with flat front vogue instead of folded ones and be from giant patterns as this may cause you to look slightly larger than usual.

As most ladies know- you'll ne'er have one too several therefore obtaining acceptable Shoes supported the dimension of the pants may be a sensible begin. For wide pants legs wedges area unit the simplest work whereas straight leg pants pairs nicely with flat shoes and tiny heels. Wearing some accessories will cause you to look elegant and nice whereas taking advantage of your pant's cutting. You can take into account carrying associate degree bracelet and maybe that terribly placing try of shoes that you just have needed to point out off to.

You can be comfy nevertheless still look business-like with these pants. Just add a cardigan or a collared shirt to own this business look or higher still why not wear a chic shirt, and heels to form a female look.
Also, it's sensible to decide on a tight jacket with three-quarter-length sleeves.

For a flashy look, why not strive carrying the pants with a nicely fitted sport shirt and sports shoes. The flexibility with these pants is simply endless after you skills to combine and match it. For any self-assessment, it's sensible to own a full length mirror before of you.

Capri pants are available in market in animal skin, silk and denim too - therefore check that you buy them to suit with any occasion and outfit.

Other tips to buy Capri pants that are:

  • Plain, dark colours
  • Ends just under the knee
  • Additional fitted at the lowest ( tapered cutting) and while not cuffs
  • Carrying it with a little shoe, kitten heels or flats. Avoid carrying high heels together with your Capris.
  • Purchase Capris that fall at the mid-calf.
  • Select Capris with linen, stretch cotton or silk for the company look to try them with a sweater or cardigan.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Military Anti Shock Trousers

Military anti-shock trousers are medical devices used to treat severe blood loss. They are also indicated for the stabilization of unstable pelvic fractures in the field prior to transport.

Usually called "MAST", and sometimes "pneumatic anti-shock garments" (PASG), they were invented by Lt. Col. Burton Kaplan during the Vietnam War. MAST look like a pair of trousers. They are opened and placed around the legs and pelvis of the patient. Each leg and the pelvic section may then be inflated, applying pressure to the lower half of the body. The trousers can be used with sager traction splints and dressings already in place.

MAST are typically carried and used by emergency medical technicians and paramedics, although they are sometimes carried by fire department first responder trucks, and, in some states, first responders can apply and inflate them under direct medical control.

The exact way in which MAST help is uncertain. The most common theory is that the pressure decreases blood flow to the legs (thus increasing availability of blood to the rest of the body) and actually squeezes blood out of the lower body. It may be that increased perfusion to the brain and other organs also have indirect benefits.

There is some controversy over use of MAST (see and Mattox 2003). One question is whether the increased peripheral vascular resistance may reduce cardiac output or rupture existing clots. Due to these questions and several human studies that have shown no advantage to patients with a high degree of blood loss above the pelvis, MAST trousers are being used much less often now than they were the 1980s and early '90s. Another reason they have fallen into disuse is the tendency for emergency room nurses and physicians to cut the inflated trousers off, which causes a catastrophic drop in blood pressure, as well as equipment destruction and an increased strain on budgets.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Capri pants

Capri pants (also known as Capris, Crop pants, long or three-quarter shorts, and clam diggers) are mid-calf pants worn in warm weather. Variants end below the knee and calf. Though widely popular with women they are also worn by men in many countries, especially in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Monday, 5 May 2008

The Scientific Americans - Beyond Rational Thought EP (1979)

First up is the Beyond Rational Thought 7" EP by the Scientific Americans, released on their Tekno Tunes label in 1979.

Formed in the late 1970's in Amherst, Massachusetts, the Sci Ams existed in numerous incarnations up until their dissolution in early 1983. Over the course of their existence, in addition to this 7", they released a 10" flexi EP entitled Beyond Fiscal Distress (also on Tekno) in 1980; the Some Dumb Fucks cassette in 1981, each featuring a handmade cover by member Sean "Alias" Elias; the Load and Go cassette on ROIR; and contributed to compilations on both Ladd-Frith (Psyclones, Blackhouse) and Ding Dong Tapes (Bene Gesserit, The Legendary Pink Dots, Van Kaye & Ignit) from Holland.

This is the band's first release, recorded as a five-piece.  The record sleeve credits members as Ricky Ritardando, Luthor, Mr. Big, Crank, and Al Capella and features a giant "Sci Ams Man" boldly in black on the front - a logo that would grace all of their releases and merchandise in some form.

Beyond Rational Thought differs in sound from their later more stripped-down, drum machine/synth-driven material the band became better known for. Generally, it's quirky punk-wave with synth flourishes and a few odd touches. Also, on this record is the first appearance of their cover of Epp Opp Ork from the Jetson's television show - a song that was later remixed for the Ding Dong comp. and even remixed into a dub version for an OP Magazine flexi.

Beyond that, I can't claim to know very much else. In fact, the small amount of information I have about the Sci Ams comes from a web page done by former member (and now avid sailor) Craig O'Donnell. Rather than just reiterate more of its content, I'll just post the link below.

Tekno Tunes also released a 7" by the Higher Primates which was recently shared on the 7" From The Underground blog. You can get a copy of it here.

If anyone has any additional information about the Scientific Americans, the former members, related projects and/or general information about bands in the smaller towns/scene outside of Boston, please share.

Zip includes 256kbs rip from original vinyl and scans of the liner notes, sleeve and labels.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

First Things First

Well... Looks like I'm going to try and commit to yet another project. I wanted to start a blog for sometime and have been sitting on this URL for almost 2 years now. Pretty pathetic, if I say so myself. During all this time, I've continued collecting records, toys, junk and ephemera with no other purpose then to keep myself amused.

I want this blog to not only serve as a way to share rare records with readers, but also as a general dumping ground for some of the other interesting things I've come across. I mapped most of it out today and I should have plenty of garbage to keep both myself and you readers occupied for months to come.

As far as the vinyl ripping goes, I'm still fine tuning/working the bugs out of the process. Hopefully, in the coming days/weeks, I'll have it all dialed and be able to quickly get things digitized and up for you to enjoy. If it were just a matter of ripping it for the sole purpose of this blog and I didn't care about the quality, I would have been ready months ago. Have confidence in the fact that I strive for quality and patience as I work to achieve said quality.

All I ask from you is that you share any relevant information you have on the records/stuff I post about.

Thank you.

Wednesday, 20 December 2006


Controversy is a state of prolonged public dispute or debate, usually concerning a matter of opinion. The word was coined from the Latin controversia, as a composite of controversus – "turned in an opposite direction," from contra – "against" – and vertere – to turn, or versus (see verse), hence, "to turn against."

Perennial areas of controversy include history, religion, philosophy and politics. Other minor areas of controversy may include economics, science, finances, and race. Controversy in matters of theology has traditionally been particularly heated, giving rise to the phrase odium theologicum. Controversial issues are held as potentially divisive in a given society, because they can lead to tension and ill will, as a result they are often taboo to be discussed in the light of company in many cultures.