Monday, 5 May 2008

The Scientific Americans - Beyond Rational Thought EP (1979)

First up is the Beyond Rational Thought 7" EP by the Scientific Americans, released on their Tekno Tunes label in 1979.

Formed in the late 1970's in Amherst, Massachusetts, the Sci Ams existed in numerous incarnations up until their dissolution in early 1983. Over the course of their existence, in addition to this 7", they released a 10" flexi EP entitled Beyond Fiscal Distress (also on Tekno) in 1980; the Some Dumb Fucks cassette in 1981, each featuring a handmade cover by member Sean "Alias" Elias; the Load and Go cassette on ROIR; and contributed to compilations on both Ladd-Frith (Psyclones, Blackhouse) and Ding Dong Tapes (Bene Gesserit, The Legendary Pink Dots, Van Kaye & Ignit) from Holland.

This is the band's first release, recorded as a five-piece.  The record sleeve credits members as Ricky Ritardando, Luthor, Mr. Big, Crank, and Al Capella and features a giant "Sci Ams Man" boldly in black on the front - a logo that would grace all of their releases and merchandise in some form.

Beyond Rational Thought differs in sound from their later more stripped-down, drum machine/synth-driven material the band became better known for. Generally, it's quirky punk-wave with synth flourishes and a few odd touches. Also, on this record is the first appearance of their cover of Epp Opp Ork from the Jetson's television show - a song that was later remixed for the Ding Dong comp. and even remixed into a dub version for an OP Magazine flexi.

Beyond that, I can't claim to know very much else. In fact, the small amount of information I have about the Sci Ams comes from a web page done by former member (and now avid sailor) Craig O'Donnell. Rather than just reiterate more of its content, I'll just post the link below.

Tekno Tunes also released a 7" by the Higher Primates which was recently shared on the 7" From The Underground blog. You can get a copy of it here.

If anyone has any additional information about the Scientific Americans, the former members, related projects and/or general information about bands in the smaller towns/scene outside of Boston, please share.

Zip includes 256kbs rip from original vinyl and scans of the liner notes, sleeve and labels.

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