Tuesday, 8 April 2008

First Things First

Well... Looks like I'm going to try and commit to yet another project. I wanted to start a blog for sometime and have been sitting on this URL for almost 2 years now. Pretty pathetic, if I say so myself. During all this time, I've continued collecting records, toys, junk and ephemera with no other purpose then to keep myself amused.

I want this blog to not only serve as a way to share rare records with readers, but also as a general dumping ground for some of the other interesting things I've come across. I mapped most of it out today and I should have plenty of garbage to keep both myself and you readers occupied for months to come.

As far as the vinyl ripping goes, I'm still fine tuning/working the bugs out of the process. Hopefully, in the coming days/weeks, I'll have it all dialed and be able to quickly get things digitized and up for you to enjoy. If it were just a matter of ripping it for the sole purpose of this blog and I didn't care about the quality, I would have been ready months ago. Have confidence in the fact that I strive for quality and patience as I work to achieve said quality.

All I ask from you is that you share any relevant information you have on the records/stuff I post about.

Thank you.

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